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About the Organization


Nursing One enhances the lives of nurses by championing causes that are important to nurses and nursing.


Members of Nursing One will help bring about changes in the nursing profession and society.  These changes will occur by harnessing our strength in numbers*. The more members we have the greater will be our ability to bring about change.


*Only 0.04% of nurses in the USA are currently members of the American Nurses Association.

The following are the changes for which we will strive:

  • Nurses will have adequate time and resources to care for their patients.

  • Nurses will be present at forums where issues affecting the profession are discussed.

  • Nurses will be present when issues affecting patient health and welfare are determined.

  • Nurses will be at the table with healthcare and community organizations when resource allocation for patients and communities, are determined.

While currently nurses in various levels are a part of discussions affecting nurses and healthcare, it is done in a disproportionate manner. As the largest healthcare workforce in the country, nurses should be in every discussion that matters.

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