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Corona Virus in Our Midst - The Emergence of New Heroes

And one dreary day, nothing mattered anymore! There were no more social or academic events to attend, no family gatherings, no international travel, no restaurant or bars to frequent, and no gyms in which to work out. It was now important to hunker down, wash hands, and keep you distance from others. And it went on and on and on while humanity was trying to save itself by finding a cure, and find itself by being kind, caring, and considerate to one another. And the new heroes became our nurses and doctors, and respiratory therapists and pharmacists and other healthcare professionals, and the cleaning staff at the hospitals, and the cashiers and workers at the grocery stores. And the other heroes became our governors and heads of public health departments who gave daily briefing, issued new orders, and tried to alley fears. And the new societal motto became: WE stay here (hospital) for you, and you stay home for us (to decrease virus transmission). And the rest of the pages, are yet to be written, so for now, keep on keeping on and stay safe!

Judith Kimchi-Woods, PhD, RN, MBA, CPHQ

President, Nursing One

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