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Tell us your story

Hi everyone,

I am sure we are all tired of dealing with the COVID-19 pandemic. This feels like an eternity. Many nurses at the bedside in the COVID areas are feeling stressed and burnt out. Getting into and out of PPE has been difficult for all. Just think about passing out the lunch trays and needing to don and doff between every room. The PPE being worn is hot and uncomfortable. But as nurses, we are surviving this difficult time. The impact of the pandemic will be felt for many years and will influence professional nursing on many different levels. Some of us have seen the toll this virus has on the body. Not easy to have family watch their dying family member through an electronic device. Nurses are key to caring for the patients. Nurses are caring for the patients despite the personal risk. Many are leaving after their shift to run home exhausted, get undressed in the garage, and then shower before taking care of the family. I have seen so many heroes caring for the COVID-19 patients. Nurses have once again risen to the top to care for the most vulnerable in our society at their own risk. I am in awe every day to see them doing what is best for the patients daily. Please take a moment and reflect on your experience and your nursing heroes. Tell us your story.


Dr. Taulbee

Rebecca Taulbee EdD, MSN, MBA-HCA, RNC, PCCN-K

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