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"The Relationship with Yourself Sets the Tone for Every Other Relationship You Have!" (Jane Travis)

Hello Everyone in Nursing One,

Spring is just around the corner. I am looking around and thinking about all the blooms and fresh restarts that will be happening in spring. We as nurses often do not take the time to renew by caring for ourselves. Our patients, families, friends, jobs -- all seem to come before our health. Think about what it means for you to do an activity for self-care. Is this an activity you take seriously, or is 'self-care' another buzzword that will change with the season?

I have been considering the ways I care for myself: I am exercising, watching my carbs, taking a day off the electronics each week, and going to church. These are just a few of my ideas of self-care.

Another concept to consider in thinking about self-care, is the "why" of self-care. Why do I/we need to make sure our cup is full? As we age, self-care becomes more important, but self-care is important at any age. I want to enjoy every last minute on this earth to the fullest; what are the things that you want to do? I won't be able to do things in the future if I am not aware of my self-care. I actually get more energy to do my work when I am exercising and eating right.

Take a moment and think about your self-care and share some of your ideas with us. All ideas are important and can help us to be our better selves. Perhaps there is a day spa in your future :)

Rebecca Taulbee EdD, MSN, MBA-HCA, RN, PCCN-K

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