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*What No One Tells You About House Bill 144 Nurse Employment

HB 144 #Nurse Employment – Mandatory Overtime (Manning, D. [R]). To prohibit hospitals from requiring nurses to work beyond the nurse’s shift as a condition of continued employment, except in certain urgent circumstances and during ongoing medical treatment or a surgical procedure. Prohibitions include: 1) the hospital may not terminate or propose to terminate the nurse’s employment; or 2) take or propose to take disciplinary or retaliatory action against the nurse. “Urgent circumstances” named above may also include health care disasters, emergency declarations, or unforeseen events and an influx of patients. The hospital must also create an evidence-based, written nursing services staffing plan. *There is no penalty for a hospital who violates this law, if enacted. Referred to House Commerce and Labor Committee 3/26/2019. Second Hearing 5/08/2019.

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