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Jennifer Price

Jennifer Price, Ohio Certified Dialysis Technician (OCDT), has worked in the field of Kidney Dialysis as a certified dialysis technician for 29 years. She was responsible for overall patient care, coordinating vascular access procedures, and comprehensive training of both dialysis technicians and registered nurses. Ms. Price traveled to Ghana, West Africa, where she helped build and run a kidney dialysis center in Mataheko, Accra. Additionally, she helped co-write the Bonnet Certified Curriculum that was used to train dialysis staff at the clinic in Ghana. 

Currently, Jennifer works as an Administrative Coordinator at a local College of Nursing. She is also a full-time student at DeVry University and will be obtaining her bachelor’s degree in Business Administration, specializing in Health Care Management, in a few months. She continues to support the dialysis community through volunteering and working at a local clinical when needed. Jennifer supports the local homeless community by serving meals to the homeless population in her area of residence each week. Her current healthcare interest is in providing support to people who are caring for their loved ones at the end of life and is enrolled in an End of Life and Eldercare Specialist program to become a Doula.

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